Zero liquid discharge plantat Jajmau- CPCB gives permission

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To save the river Ganga from pollutants in discharge of tanneries Central Pollution control board has given its approval for the installation of a zero liquid discharge plant at Jajmau.A triple P model (Public private partnership). The tannery owners will receive the entire treated water and will have to contribute in installation of the plant. Presently403 tanneries are running in Jajmau area, generating 50 MLD polluted water daily.  Out of that with only 9 MLD polluted water being treated at STPs, the remaining 41 MLD polluted water was being discharged in the river directly.The new plant would be of 41 MLD capacities, would cost around Rs 300 crores and tannery owners will have to contribute 25 percent of the cost.  In zero liquid discharge plant the entire water is recycled and treated water would be sent back to tanneries for use and the residue will be collected and disposed separately.