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Have you ever thought for alternate source of water or new source of water??

While using water more efficiently should remain the top priority, we also need to take a look at alternative sources of water, including those we can harvest at the building level. Providing alternative water supplies in buildings & industries can also help achieve passive survivability—maintaining livable conditions when electricity, heating fuel, or municipal water are lost for extended periods of time.

In identifying alternative sources of water, the first consideration is what those sources will be used for. Potable water, which we can use for drinking, cooking, and bathing, among other uses, must meet a high level of purity and safety. Non-potable water is less pure but, when handled properly, it can be fine for landscape irrigation, makeup water for cooling towers; RO feed application, and toilet flushing. Many alternative water sources are best suited to non-potable uses, though some can be made potable with additional treatment.

Shubham examines the spectrum of unconventional water sources that can be used in and around buildings & industries.

Septic tanks
Sewage Treatment Plants


Modular STP(Pre fabricated)

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)
Grey Water Treatment (GWT)
Laundry water treatment