There’s Millions Of Dollars’ Worth Of Gold And Silver In Sewage

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Not all that glitters is gold, but some that stinks could be!!! We should never think of sewage as stinky worthless waste again. According to aAstudy by Arizona State University (ASU) researchers estimates there is $13 million worth of precious elements in the sewage produced by a million-person city every year. The 13 most lucrative elements in sewage added up to an average of $280 per ton of sludge-or $13 million every year for a city with a million people.The thirteen elements were, in order: silver, copper, gold, phosphorous, iron, palladium, manganese, zinc, iridium, aluminum, cadmium, titanium, gallium, and chromium. This sewage comes from mostly likely industrial facilities, Labs and factories. Dental labs and jewelry repair shops incinerate their waste to recapture gold. It’s economically not economically feasible to start extracting precious metals from sewer. It’s too dilute to be worthwhile, except in special cases. Sewage contains large quantities of nitrogen and phosphorous, limited natural resources that are used in all fertilizer. It can also be used to make biogas for fuel.

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