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Commercial Swimming Pools

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Residential Swimming Pools

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Municipal Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool Design & Construction

About Shubham & Swimming Pool:

From conception to completion, Shubham Swimming Pools, NATIONWIDE builders of superior quality pools will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Our knowledge, expertise and commitment means each pool is a unique statement of its owner; whether you want a pool to keep fit, keep the young and young at heart happy or simply your own personal utopia, you can be sure our knowledge and commitment means your pool will be distinctive in its own right.

New Innovations such as moving floors, booms to separate indoor and outdoor pools, fibre optic lighting and different types of materials used to line a swimming pool the possibilities are now endless.

Water has a magic all of its own; nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it Our sales & construction offices specialize in building and remodelling gunite Pools (also called concrete pools or shotcrete pools). In some markets, fiberglass pools and vinyl liner pools are also available. Our swimming pool designers offer in-home estimates with pricing and custom pool plans for new construction and renovations. Mainly there are three broad categories of Swimming pools:

  • Commercial Swimming Pools
  • Residential Swimming Pools
  • Municipal Swimming Pools

Commercial Swimming Pools

Today’s requirement for leisure, hotel, school or hydrotherapy pools are that apart from being attractive, the structure must be durable and the equipment designed to deal with the heaviest bathing loads. A high level of technology is necessary to accompany commercial pool installations – filtration, heat recovery systems for maximum operating efficiency, water features, wave machines, air handling systems and enhanced disinfection design.
We can offer a complete environmental control package combining humidity control, pool hall air heating and cooling, pool water heating, fresh air ventilation, energy recovery and air quality control creating ideal conditions.
With a huge range of finishes now available, Commercial Pools never looked so good.

Residential Swimming Pools

Luxury never looked so good

What better way to furnish your outdoor room than with an innovative and exciting swimming pool – we are firmly of the opinion that natures beauty is beyond improvement but we do know that with the addition of a swimming pool you are only making the great outdoors even greater.

With the ever-increasing range of stunning pool finishes you are no longer restricted to a blue hole in the ground.
Take a large dose of attention to detail, add an equal measure of modern design and the latest technology and you have an area in which to enjoy long lazy summer days and nights with family and friends.

Municipal Swimming Pools

Competition swimming pools require exacting precision, and when the construction schedule is demanding, this can be guaranteed only by modern and accurate technologies.Shubham’s pool offers both the advantage of a quick and precise installation.

Apart from this there are different types of pool in different shapes and sizes are available, and you can choose from low-cost pools, as well as high-end custom pools.


  • Some of the most popular choices include:
  • outdoor pools
  • enclosed pools
  • indoor pools
  • lap pools
  • sports pools
  • saltwater pools
  • infinity pools
  • negative-edge pools
  • vanishing-edge pools
  • rock pools
  • black-bottom pools
  • lagoon pools / natural pools

The most-requested pool-design options include rock waterfalls, pool fountains & water features, beach entries, pool mosaics, pool lighting, tanning shelves / sun shelves, pebble finishes, and colored quartz interior finishes.

Shubham is a one of the leading solution provider When it comes to swimming pools design and construction.

and backyard dreams, tens of thousands of INDIA users have trusted the familiar “diving lady” symbol—making Blue Haven the local swimming pool builder / pool contractor of choice.