Special Purpose Vehicle to maintain sewerage treatment plants in 118 cities along Ganga

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The Ministry of Urban Development will be setting up a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for maintenance of Sewerage Treatment Plans (STPs) in all the 118 cities and towns located along the River Ganga in a time-bound manner to check pollution of the river.


Action Plans for treatment of sewerage with timelines, rehabilitation of dysfunctional and sub-optimal STPs, plans for bridging mismatch between existing treatment capacity and the demand, capacity building of urban local bodies, modernization of existing crematoria, adoption of innovative technologies developed by BARC and IITs.

Against the Sewage Treatment requirement of 3,847 million litres per day in all the 118 cities and towns in 2015 and the estimated demand of 4,773 MLD in 2030, the present available capacity is only 879 MLD while another 1,263 MLD capacity is under construction. The gap in demand and supply is 1,852 MLD at current demand and 2,664 MLD at 2030 demand. According to Urban Development Minister Mr.Venkaiah Naidu,all the six state governments will be consulted and taken on board before going ahead with setting up of STPs as required to treat urban sewerage. To begin with, 56 cities and towns that accounts for about 80 per cent of sewerage generation will be focused in the first phase.