Scientists says : Houses, vehicles pollute as much as factories

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An IIT-Bombay professor has demystified the myth that industrial effluents are the chief cause of air pollution.Environment consultant Deepak Kantawal says that Domestic units generate 70% sewage.Out of 150 litre of water supplied to each citizen in a day , 120 litre goes into sewage, which is a misuse of both water and resources. We must look at the dry toilets developed by DRDO, instead of the flushing ones, besides trying out decentralized treatment plants using bio-cultures and solar power to reduce the sewage collection and transport cost, which takes up 70% of the sewage treatment budget.because of insufficient resources, over 24,000 MLD (million liters a day) of untreated water is dumped into water bodies every year, which is worsening the quality of water in the country by the day. Scientists insisted the government to use the satellite to monitor the air quality rather than establishing the costly monitoring systems at every place.