No takers for Muttathara sewage sludge

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The Kerala Water Authority has started  the sewage treatment plant of 37 MLD at Muttatharaafter a few months of trial run before a Year  and plant now generates 25 cubic metres of sludge per day but the utility is not able to find a proper mechanism to dispose of the sludge generated from the plant as there is no disposal mechanism in place, the wet slush is being pumped to the nearby vacant land owned by the KWA.Now, almost 40 cents of land had been filled with the sludge. “ in next 6-8 months , the entire available land will be filled with the sludge and then it will be a real cause of concern if we do not find an alternate source by then. Several attempts were made to dispose of the sludge in a scientific way but all of them failed,”The initial scheme of things, the sludge was planned to be taken to the Vilappilsala garbage plant, but the government decided to close down the garbage yard.  KWA is looking for to find an agency to convert the sludge into a component for fertilizer.