Multi GradeFilter is used for removal of suspended solids &turbidity from Water & Wastewater. We, at Shubham offer Series of filters at a low cost, reliable and highly efficientway to filter your water.

Our unique design of Multi Grade Sand filter ensures the maximum utilization of the surface area, lesser pressure drop across the filter bed and effective removal of the impurities even under the conditions of high filtration rate compare to pressure sand filter & dual media filter.

Shubham MGFs are available in diameters from 0.225 Mts. to 4.0 Mts.(vertically) and in length from 3.0 Mts. mm to 11 Mts. (Horizontally) with flow ratesup to 450M3/Hr. these rugged, pre-engineered, pre-assembled units minimize installation and start-up costs. Whether you require ROfeed process water or filtered water, Shubham can full fill applications requirement

Working Principle

Raw water is passed through the Multi grade media filter,contains anthracite at a top layer of media followed by fine & Coarse Garnet and quartz sand supported by pebbles and gravels. Multi grades of media and layers provide extra ordinary dirt holding capacity at various level of total media depth and produce unparalleled filter water quality.

During the filtration cycle the largest particles are strained out by the anthracite, coarse and fine sand, Coarse & fine garnet though a combination of adhesion and straining. Since the particles in the water are filtered out at various depths in a multimedia filter, the filter does not clog as quickly as if all of the particles were all caught by the top layer.

Technical Specification

Flow :1M3/Hr. - 450 M3/Hr.
Inlet TSS:Up to 50 Mg/L
Inlet Turbidity :Up to 40 NTU
Filtration Velocity:16 to 25 M3/Hr./M2
Diameter (Vertical Vessel):0.225 Mts. - 4.0 Mts.
Length (Horizontal Vessel):3.00 Mts. – 11.0 Mts.
MOC:FRP / Mid Steel / Stainless Steel Coating / lining : Epoxy / FRP / Rubber Lined
Filtration Rating:Up to 10 Micron
Design Code:ASME / IS
Design Pressure:Up to 10 Bar
Working Pressure :1.1 to 3.5 Bar
Clear Pressure Drop:0.3 bar
Top distribution system :bell mouth
Bottom distribution system:Strainer plate or Header & laterals.

Salient Features

  • Simple design maximizes reliability and efficiency
  • Multi layers of filtration media
  • Filtration rating up to 5 – 20 Microns
  • Standard and effective quartz sand media.
  • Low Pressure drop across the vessel
  • FRP, MSRL, MSEP & SS Vessels are available.
  • Manual, Semi-Automatic and Automatic features are provided
  • Pre-assembled construction minimizes start-up time and installation costs
  • Structural steel legs provide rigid support of vessel for safety
  • Air scouring available for high flow pressure vessel.
  • Proven design of internal distribution and collection system.


  • Efficient Turbidity and TSS Removal
  • High filtration rate
  • Filtration efficiency is up to 2.0 ppm suspended particles
  • Easy operation & maintenance
  • Wide range in material of construction
  • Economical way of production & design
  • Low Energy requirement
  • Can accommodate seasonal fluctuations in flow rate
  • Long filter cycles between backwashing with minimum loss of pressure.


Drinking Water Treatment

  • Turbidity & Total Suspended Solid Removal
  • Iron Removal
  • Manganese removal
  • Fluoride Removal
  • Arsenic Removal
  • Pretreatment to reverse Osmosis Plant
  • Pretreatment to Desalination Plant

River Water Treatment

  • Turbidity & Total Suspended Solid Removal

Ground Water Treatment

  • Turbidity & Total Suspended Solid Removal
  • Iron Removal
  • Manganese removal
  • Fluoride Removal
  • Arsenic Removal

Waste Water Treatment Plant

  • Turbidity & Total Suspended Solid Removal
  • Septic Tank expansion

Swimming Pool Filtration

  • Turbidity & Total Suspended Solid Removal

Cooling Tower & Process Water Treatment

  • Turbidity & Total Suspended Solid Removal
  • Side Stream Filter
  • Full Stream Filter
  • Make up water Filter