Govt. Asks PCB to Act Against Polluters of Water Bodies

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In the event of the destruction of water bodies by industrials units, the local self governments are unable to come out with an action plan to readdress the situation and take thins under control stopping pollution spread in the water bodies.

Thiruvananthapuram:The government has issued an order making it mandatory for the state Pollution Control Board (PCB) to conduct regular tests to assess the chemical composition of wastewater being drained out by industrial units into rivers and other water bodies.

The government order was issued on the basis of a report by the Legislature Committee on Environment and other reports by experts and Human Rights panel

The industries now have to abide by the PCB criteria for treating the wastewater before allowing it to drain out. They require the permission of the PCB to drain out wastewater into rivers.In the event of any industrial unit violating such norms, strict action should be initiated against it.In places where the industrial units are located near the water bodies, the PCB should collect wastewater samples for regular tests

It has become mandatory now for the industries to setup ‘delay pond’ to hold the untreated water for atleast 4 hrs before discharging out. The PCB has to make sure that the industries would be cleared if they are opting for a technology helping to reduce waste burden.