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River Water Treatment Plant

Rivers are the most important freshwater resource. Social, economic and political development has, in the past, been largely related to the availability and distribution of fresh waters contained in riverine systems. Major river water uses can be

  • Sources of drinking water supply
  • Irrigation of agricultural lands
  • Industrial and municipal water supplies
  • Industrial and municipal waste disposal
  • Navigation
  • Fishing, Boating and Body-contact recreation
  • Aesthetic value

River water is mainly contaminated by physical and biological impurities consist of Totals suspended solids, turbidity, bacteria, virus, algae etc. which need to remove before supply and distribution of river water for various uses.

River water treatment is the process of removing contaminants from flowing or stagnant river water which includes physio-chemical treatment of water with the combination of conventional and advance treatment process like coagulation, flocculation, clarification, settling, filtration and disinfection of filter water to produce an environmentally safe and pure water suitable for drinking and multiple uses in domestic, institution and industrial application.

Shubham is a leading EPC contractor; provide turnkey solution to municipal bodies from concept to design, supply, install, commissioned and operation & maintenance of River Water Treatment facility with the combination of various technologies at the most comprehensive, cost-effective and reliable practises.

We have more than seven years of extensive experience in River Water treatment. We, constantly meet with a diversity of water-related challenges. This has provided us with an unsurpassed bank of knowledge. We provide Municipal River and Lake Watertreatment plant with innovative solutions for effective use of treated water in many process applications by ensuring required quality.

1] Media Filter solutions
2] Membrane & separation solution
3] Clarifier, clariflocculator, Tube settler and settling tank