Gates foundation developed machine that recycles poop into tasty drinking water

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As the title suggest, Gates foundation came up with an innovation which will change the future of mankind. “Omniprocessor” designed and built by Janicki Bioenergy &“Recycling”—it’s the USP of this innovation.It is quite similar to a sewage treatment plant but with upgraded techniques. It will handle waste from 100,000 people, producing up to 86,000 liters safe and ready to drink water a day and a net 250 kw of electricity.This system is built in order to solve sanitation problems in poor countries.Although there are several ways of treating waste these days like burning in incineration chambers or dumping waste in water bodies or at last Sewage Treatment plant.


But eachone these have some or the other cons that tags them with a big ‘NO’ in bold. Foundation’s goal is to make the processors cheap enough that entrepreneurs from low to middle income countries can invest in the project &According to Bill Gates this system is more advanced than the one he had previously seen.