At Shubham, our following core values are the framework for all our strategies, decisions and behaviours. They are more than words on a page or noble ideals. They are the standard by which we strive to conduct our daily business and work with each another.

Openness and Transparency

We are open and transparent in all that we do and say. This applies to all working relationships with our customers, employees, stakeholders and suppliers. Involvement, trust and willingness to listen are the guiding principles for us.

Dignity of the Individual and the Organization

Each individual is an integral part of the organization. The human dignity and worth of an individual is acknowledged and maintained at all times and in all actions. We equally respect the dignity and stature of the organization and place it above any individual.


Whatever we say, do and the way we do it, will emphasize our integrity and dependability. Our employees, products and services will clearly communicate this strength to our suppliers, customers and all stakeholders through their actions.