Pressure Booster System

Hydro pneumatic Booster system

What comes to mind when you think of water pressure problem in high rise and multi-storey building? Conventionally all the multi storey buildings has overhead tanks for water supply for various uses incommercial and domestic application which does not provide steady flow at all the floor and level.

Reliable water pressure in commercial buildings demands areliable partner with the right pumping solution and expertisefor the job. Shubham is such a partner. Shubham suppliessolutions ranging from total multi-pump boosting systemscompatible with building management systems, to simple,non-regulated stand-alone pumps. The highest priority of apressure boosting system is to ensure user comfort by alwaysproviding the desired pressure on demand. With speed controlledpumps, supply is automatically adjusted to meet thevarying needs of users day and night.The principles behind reliable pressure boosting also appliesfor Fire protection systems. For these systems Shubham canalso provide the most reliable system solutions.

Hydro pneumatic systems are used to supply and maintain pre-set level of water pressure at a certain number of tap points. These systems boost the water pressure to achieve consistent flow for diverse applications. These systems are designed either with single or with multiple pumps to have continuous and consistent water pressure and also designed with variable frequency drive unit. Booster systems are fully automated and require no manual intervention which in turn ensures smooth and consistent operations.

Any commercial application need pressure booster system if ,

  • Water trickles from your taps and showers
  • You do not have an overhead tank
  • All floors of your building do not get water with equal force

1] Hydro pneumatic Pressure Booster System