Bio Memclean™ is an advanced ‘plug and play’ Onsite MBR wastewater treatment system featuring the submerged MBR ultrafiltration modules. The Bio Memclean™ is engineered to provide a high quality effluent, treated to Class A standards and suitable for a variety of reuse applications.

Factory tested Bio Memclean™ equipment & assemblyis supplied in free form for easyinstallation at site.Bioreactor& membranes tanks are built in concrete with safety railings around access points. Loose assembly i.e. feed pumps, Permeate pumps, aeration blower, dosing systems, monitoring and control systems are directly installed on concrete tanks

The pre-programmed PLC system includes full process Monitoring and data logging functions. Full telemetry including remote control is available as an option. The Bio Memclean™ is designed to require minimal operator supervision making it ideal for installation in remote locations.

Treatment Process

The Bio Memclean™ is a fully onsite Membrane Bio Reactor waste water treatment system incorporating the following process stages:

1. Inlet screening
2. Primary / Anoxic tank – DE nitrification
3. Aeration / Membrane Bioreactor tank -Nitrification
4. submerged membrane filtration modules
5. Permeate receiving and disinfection
6. RAS and sludge removal

Working Principal

Bio Memclean™ Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR)can best be described as one part of a biological process where small microbes degrade pollutants before being filtered by a collection of submerged membranes. Membranes are housed in modules that are, in turn, assembled into cassettes and installed in a tank (called an MBR). Air introduced through integral diffusers scours membrane surfaces during filtration, mixes the tank and provides oxygen to the biological process.

A growing body of research suggests that properly designed and operated MBR systems offer several advantages over conventional technologies in terms of protecting public health and improving sustainability including but not limited to:

  • Use as pre-treatment for reverse osmosis (RO) systems
  • Improved removal of micro pollutants (micro constituents)
  • Reduced disinfection requirements

Salient Features

  • On-site wastewater system
  • Automatic fine influent screen
  • Flat sheet / Hollow fibre MBR module
  • Up to 0.01μm Ultrafiltration membrane
  • Automatic cyclic membrane backwashand CIP System
  • Proven design
  • Fully Factory Tested assembly
  • Systems available from 10 – 5000kl/dayand more
  • Rugged concrete tanks construction
  • Compact and easy to position anywhere
  • Onsite filed assembly
  • Optional UV disinfection
  • Optional effluent monitoring system withremote telemetry
  • Plan capacity is Expandable with addition of MBR Modules.
  • Effluent Quality BOD < 5 TSS < 1 Turbidity < 1
  • Clean in Place
  • High Resistance to Hydraulics and shock load.


  • Leading Edge Onsite sewage treatment plant
  • Incorporate advance membrane technology.
  • Ideal for sites where water reuse is premium.
  • High removal efficiency for nitrogen, BOD & COD,
  • Fewer process to achieve comparable effluent quality.
  • Eliminate Sludge ability Issues.
  • Reduce sludge yield
  • High Quality Effluent
  • Small Foot Prints.


  • Waste water
  • Restaurant and kitchen waste water
  • Capacity increase
  • Plant modification and expansion
  • Toilet Flush, Landscape, Car Wash, Construction, Gardening etc.
  • (Below and Above Ground)
  • Apartment Buildings
  • IT Parks
  • All Commercial Establishments such as
  • Hospital
  • Hotels
  • Educational Institutions, etc
  • Decentralized STP in remote and hilly terrains.
  • Industrial Effluent Treatment for Recovery and Recycle:
  • Tanneries, Textile Dye and Bleaching Effluents,
  • Pharmaceutical, Chemical Process Industries,
  • Automobile and Engineering,
  • Food and Beverage.