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Membrane filtration

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Membrane filtration is a separation process that utilises semi-permeable membranes to selectively separate and remove particles, molecules, or ions from a liquid or gas stream. It is widely used in various industries and applications, including water and wastewater treatment, food … Continued

Development and environment goes hand in hand Said PM Modi

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Indians have always conserved nature, and even today we have among the lowest per capita carbon emission globally. The prime minister emphasised that development and environment protection are not at loggerheads as he detailed how the two can go on … Continued

Wastewater algae provides double benefits — biofuels and disposal

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Rice University scientists found they could easily grow high-value strains of oil-rich algae while simultaneously removing more than 90 percent of nitrates and more than 50 percent of phosphorous from wastewater.The 2012 report also pointed to wastewater-based cultivation as a … Continued

Colour codes for industries’ pollution potential- Red and orange for green score

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Industries across India are likely to be classified as red, orange or green depending on their pollution potential, under initiatives proposed by the Union environment ministry that may also allow individual units to earn stars for compliance with environmental … Continued

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