Activated Carbon Filter is used to adsorb chlorine, organics, tri-halo methane (THM), taste, odour, and colour from Water & Wastewater. Activated carbon is a charcoal that has been treated with oxygen to open up millions of tiny pores between the carbon atoms. The activated carbon has a massive surface area (2000 – 3000 square metres per gram of activated carbon) making it highly effective at adsorbing impurities from water. We, at Shubham offer Series of filters at a low cost, reliable and highly efficient way to pure your water.

Our unique design of Activated Carbon Filter ensures the maximum utilization of the activated carbon surface area with effective contact time and actual removal of the impurities.

Shubham ACFs are available in diameters from 0.225 Mts. to 4.0 Mts.(vertically) and in length from 3.0 Mts. mm to 11 Mts. (Horizontally) with flow rates up to 400M3/Hr. These rugged, pre-engineered, pre-assembled units minimize installation and start-up costs. Whether you require chlorine free water for RO feed, or colour & odour free waste water, Shubham can full fill applications requirement.

Working Principle

Activated carbon filtration is an adsorptive process in which the contaminant is attracted to and adsorbed onto the surface of the carbon particles. The efficiency of the adsorption process is influenced by carbon characteristics (particle and pore size, surface area, density and hardness) and the contaminant characteristics.

Technical Specification

Flow :1M3/Hr. - 400 M3/Hr.
Filtration Velocity:12 to 18 M3/Hr./M2
EBCT** :2 to 30 Minutes
Diameter (Vertical Vessel) :0.225 Mts. - 4.0 Mts.
Length (Horizontal Vessel):3.00 Mts. - 11.0 Mts.
MOC:FRP / Mid Steel / Stainless Steel Coating / lining : Epoxy / FRP / Rubber Lined
Chlorine , Colour , Odour removal:85 – 90 %
Design Code:ASME / IS
Design Pressure:Up to 10 Bar
Working Pressure:1.1 to 3.5 Bar
Clear Pressure Drop :0.3 bar
Top distribution system:bell mouth
Bottom distribution system :Strainer plate or Header & laterals.
** EBCT :Effective Bed Contact time

Salient Features

  • Simple design maximizes reliability and efficiency
  • Singlelayer of activated Carbon
  • Adsorption efficiency up to 85 to 90 %
  • Low Pressure drop across the vessel
  • FRP, MSRL, MSEP & SS Vessels are available.
  • Manual, Semi-Automatic and Automatic features are provided
  • Pre-assembled construction minimizes start-up time and installation costs
  • Structural steel legs provide rigid support of vessel for safety
  • Air scouring available for high flow pressure vessel.
  • Proven design of internal distribution and collection system.


  • Efficient Chlorine, colour, organic matter and odour removal
  • High surface area & EBCT
  • Adsorption efficiency up to 90%
  • Easy operation & maintenance
  • Wide range in material of construction
  • Economical way of production & design


Drinking Water Treatment

  • Organic matter, colour and odour removal
  • Pre-treatment to Reverse Osmosis Plant
  • Pre-treatment to Desalination Plant

River Water Treatment

  • Organic matter removal

Ground Water Treatment

  • Organic matter, colour and odour removal
  • Pre-treatment to reverse Osmosis Plant
  • Pre-treatment to Desalination Plant

Waste Water Treatment Plant

  • Organic matter, colour and odour removal