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Water Treatment

Water Treatment and industries profitability, the two go hand-in-hands.

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Waste Water Treatment Plant

In identifying alternative sources of water.

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Swimming Pools

From conception to completion, Shubham Swimming Pools.

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Operation & Maintenance

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Diverse technologies:

Reverse Osmosis




Micro Filtration

Ion Exchange

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Sucess by design

At Shubham, we believe in the concept called Success by Design. This
means, that recurring success cannot take place by chance or by accident.
Instead, it has to be crafted, it has to be planned.

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Transformative Ideas

Explore current and future possibilities
with Creative and Innovative inputs
from enthused Team Shubham

A Water and Waste Water Management Company

From automobiles to food and retail business; from daily cleaning and washing to plain drinking, WATER is the No.# 1 resource that we need for sustenance. For years, we assumed that this resource is not just free, it will also last forever. We made irresponsible use of it and we now face the prospect of depletion due to massive-scale mismanagement and pollution caused to water.

By considering environmental responsibility towards water, Shubham Inc. has forayed into Water and Sewage Water Treatment Plants. Shubham‘s product range is mainly split into two market verticals Water Treatment and waste Water Treatment.

Shubham Inc has earned its place in the market as one of the most trusted and recommended suppliers and manufacturers of Sewage Treatment plants and Water Treatment Plants. We are an end-to-end server provider right from Design, Supplies, Erection, Commissioning, and Operations and maintenance.   Our experience includes collaborations with European, American, Israel, UAE, and Asian Companies.

Our product range in the Water Treatment segment includes, without limitation, Industrial RO Plants, Ultra Filtration Plants, Pressure Sand Filters, Multi Grade Sand Filters, Dual Media Filters, Side Stream filters, Water Softeners Plant, Demineralization Plants, Mix Bed Units, RO Plants and many more.

In the Waste Water Treatment sector, we have a product range consisting of conventional Sewage Treatment Plants, advanced Bio- Accelerator 360[Built around MBBR technology], Bio-Hybrid [ Built around MBR technology], Septic Tanks, Grey Water Treatment, Laundry Water Treatment, Ultra-Latest Electra-rapid (built around electro coagulation framework), Flash Flow (built around Ozone technology). Almost all the products are available in the form of Package Sewage Treatment Plants, Underground FRP Sewage Treatment Plant, and Underground Concrete Sewage Treatment plants. Similarly in the Effluent Treatment sector, we have Package Effluent Treatment Plants, Underground FRP Effluent Treatment Plants, Underground Concrete Effluent Treatment Plants, and Over-the-Ground Concrete Effluent Treatment plants.

We at Shubham India also offer innovative solutions to communities that are serious about self-managing their water supply problems. Shubham delivers safe, cost-effective, and sustainable water, wastewater, and energy utility infrastructure solutions to businesses and communities across the country to minimize their carbon footprint.


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